Adobe To Help U.S. Bank Optimize Personalization in Consumer Banking

Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) has announced that it is collaborating with U.S. Bank (NYSE:USB), in order to provide improved online and in-branch customer experiences that are tailored to individuals’ needs and interests.

About Adobe

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. Adobe is liked by professionals for its popular photo editor known as Photoshop.

The partnership will expand on U.S. Bank’s successful digital transformation, which has given customers a consistent experience across branches, on the web, and on mobile devices, enabling them to conduct banking business in a manner that best suits their needs. This could entail speaking with a bank representative to go over a financial strategy, as well as receiving a cheque in the mail or monitoring your account balance on the U.S. Bank Mobile App. At the moment, almost 65% of loan sales and over 80% of consumer transactions at U.S. Bank are carried out digitally.

With so many touchpoints, the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) will assist in offering a single picture of the client, giving the marketing organization greater precision in distributing pertinent and timely content via the ideal channel.

According to Kai Sakstrup, chief strategy and marketing officer at U.S. Bank, “We have made significant investments in updating our marketing technology stack, in support of the extraordinary growth and engagement in digital channels.” “No matter if a consumer completes a transaction in person, online, or via a mobile app, we want the experience to be smooth. The Adobe Experience Platform supports our effort to adapt to evolving customer demands for more meaningful engagements with a financial services partner while laying the groundwork for future changes to how we communicate with corporate clients.”

According to Anjul Bhambhri, senior vice president at Adobe Experience Cloud, “U.S. Bank is a pioneer in the financial services sector, setting an example as companies prioritize making the digital economy more human.” “With Adobe Experience Platform, marketers at U.S. Bank can unite behind a single view of the customer, creating an always-on customization strategy that can develop with consumer expectations and remain in complete compliance with tight industry norms and regulations,” the company said.

U.S. Bank has a complete set of tools with Adobe Experience Platform to securely activate data for extensive personalization:

Real-time interactions: In an industry where trust is of the utmost importance, personalization has become crucial for financial services firms as the digital economy expands. In actuality, 72% of customers claim that subpar customization makes them less trusting of firms. The Real-Time Customer Data Platform (Real-Time CDP) from Adobe, which is a component of AEP, enables U.S. Bank to support highly customized experiences at crucial times. Customers may, for instance, receive offers and content that is timely, relevant, and consistent across channels to assist them in managing their finances more effectively.

Improved governance and controls: By placing customer preferences at the center of its operations and serving as a central hub for both online and offline data, AEP also makes it possible to deliver better experiences. The platform will enable U.S. Bank to improve its governance and controls for the use of data, which will enable it to further streamline communication by frequency, campaign, and offers.

AI for automation: U.S. Bank intends to use Client AI within AEP to facilitate the distribution of marketing offers to various customer categories. Customer AI streamlines decision-making processes and offers deeper insights from data thanks to Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI engine. By tailoring outreach for services like bank loans and retirement plans, U.S. Bank can boost conversion and customer retention. It ensures that teams automatically present the next-best offer for various target segments for any significant marketing effort.