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Watch the SGX Nifty Live TradingView chart on this page. Stay up to date with live prices. You can use all the Tradingview tools on this chart like trend lines, Fibonacci, etc. You can also apply indicators like moving average, RSI, etc. on this chart.

SGX NIFTY Live candlestick chart is very helpful in predicting the Nifty Indices movement on the Indian Stock Exchange. You can prepare your analysis before the market opens which gives you an edge to trade successfully in Nifty and Banknifty.

What is SGX NIFTY?

In simple words, SGX NIFTY is the term used for NIFTY 50 futures traded on Singapore Exchange. The SGX Nifty Futures Contracts (“Nifty Contracts”) offer global investors a cost-efficient way to gain broad exposure to the performance of the Indian equity market.

Denominated in USD, the Nifty Contracts are widely traded by market participants during the Asia, Europe, and US hours. In particular, the SGX Nifty futures contract is CFTC approved, providing another risk management and access tool for investors to manage their India equity portfolio.

SGX Nifty Contract Specifications:

Contract SizeUS$2 x SGX Nifty 50 Index Futures Price
Minimum Price Fluctuation0.5 index point (US$1)

What are the timings of SGX NIFTY?

SGX NIFTY Intraday trades take place only during these specific periods that are given below:

FIRST or T session: 09.00am – 06.15pm(Singapore time) or 06.30am – 3.45pm(Indian Time)

SECOND or T+1 session: 06.40pm – 05.15am(Singapore time) or 4.40pm – 3.15am(Indian Time)

What are the shared names used for SGXNifty?

Some of the common names used for SGXNIFTY are:

SGX Nifty live

SGX Nifty futures live

Singapore Nifty

Singapore Nifty futures

Singapore Nifty Live Chart